SCOTT STIMPSON - CFO, Executive Producer, Producer, Personal Manager, Radio Promoter 

Scott Stimpson

Scott began his career in music like many in this industry, as a musician.

From the mid sixties throughout the mid eighties, he performed as a musician and singer in many of the popular bands within the thriving New Jersey club circuit.  Scott soon became a regular fixture in both the live and studio music communities working as a session sax player, arranger and producer in the Northern New Jersey studio scene.

This involvement led to Scott’s participation in the building and business development of the massive Broccoli Rabe Recording Studio Complex, soon to become New Jersey’s premier multimedia center complete with recording, rehearsal, and television studios all under one roof.  Further developments led to the opening of other highly successful business ventures such as talent and modeling agencies housed within its 40,000 square foot structure.  It was here that Scott brought in Steve Tarkanish to establish the now legendary talent agency, S.T.A.R.S. Productions.  These studios and agencies became the home for many of the top Artists in the region over the course of 30+ years.

With his eye firmly fixed on the future, while still a working musician, Scott acquired a B.A. in Finance spending his first two years in New Jersey and finishing his degree with the highest honors at the University of Washington in Seattle.  It was here that Scott first met Rick and Raj Parashar of the renowned London Bridge Studios.  Though peripheral to much of their classic works, Scott soon learned the benefits of dedicating a private studio’s operations to the support of local Artists (the Seattle Grunge Movement), much in the same way it had been done in the New Jersey scene where he had spent his formative years.

By the end of the eighties and throughout the nineties, Scott also developed a strong background in the corporate world first as an Accountant with The Chevron Corporation, Post Graduate work in Accounting, then culminating in a ten year run at the Corporate Tax Department of The Boeing Company.

With a return to entertainment now in his sights, Scott’s interest in film led him to Vancouver, B.C. where he further honed his skills in documentary and dramatic film production.  A highlight of this period was his involvement with the Producers of “Stephen King’s Rose Red” overseeing pre-production budgetary, communications and security matters later leading to his appointment as documentary videographer of “The Making of Stephen King’s Rose Red.”

In the ongoing pursuit of professional and personal satisfaction, the mountains of Colorado now called Scotts name, this is where he set up his company, Big Mountain Productions, LLC, Here he has seen the growth and satisfaction of his many years of work in the performing arts, putting together the various elements that have defined his life’s work.

Now settling in the vibrant music community of Portland, Oregon and with extensive experience working throughout the major markets of the New York Metropolitan Area, the Pacific Coast and Mountain States, Scott is pleased to have become one of the founding members of the PNWEG, the Pacific Northwest Entertainment Group, LLC which combines the unique talents of the four core partners and associated colleagues who exhibit the highest levels of expertise and professionalism in virtually every facet of this industry.