Pacific Northwest Entertainment Group Team Introductions

The Pacific Northwest Entertainment Group (PNWEG) was formed in 2012 by Scott Stimpson, Tony Ferguson, Brent Rogers along with Russ Gorsline and Tara Kick of REX PRODUCTION & POST in Portland Oregon. The idea of the company is to discover and develop young talented artists and using the combined talents within the company to record, produce and assist with touring, marketing and promotion.

Below you will find Team Introduction with the opportunity to link to full bios for each PNWEG Founder.


Tony Ferguson

Producer, Executive Producer and Senior A&R Executive

Tony has made a significant impact on modern music having discovered and developed some of our favorite top artists over the last 30+ years. His experience and success is a testament to the PACIFIC NORTHWEST ENTERTAINMENT GROUP'S mission to bring success to a select group of artists yet to be discovered!

Tony started his career in the mid-sixties as a professional musician. A British native Tony was a member of several successful London based bands with a series of top 40 credits.

In the late 70s he joined the business side of music working with a highly successful record label, STIFF RECORDS. This led to a permanent move to the US in 1980 opening the STIFF offices in New York.

Over the following decades Tony's production and artist management contribution as well as his executive role with major labels, studios and management firms has been extensive. His credits include discovering many top artists in the industry to then produce 100s of top selling records.

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Scott Stimpson

CFO, Executive Producer, Producer, Personal Manager, Radio Promoter

Scott brings a unique and critical combination of experience to the table as one of the founders of the Pacific Northwest Entertainment Group.

From the mid-sixties throughout the mid-eighties, he performed as a musician and singer in many of the popular bands within the New Jersey club circuit. Scott soon became a regular fixture in both the live and studio music communities as a session sax player, arranger and producer.

This involvement led to Scott's participation in the building and business development of the Broccoli Rabe Recording Studio Complex. New Jersey's premier multimedia center included recording, rehearsal, television studios, talent agencies and more, all under one roof.

Achieving a B.A in finance with honors brought Scott to Seattle where he again stepped into the recording business working with local artists within the Seattle Grunge Movement.

Post Graduate work brought him to The Chevron Corporation after which he spent 10 years in the Corporate Tax Department of The Boeing Company, invaluable experience he then brought back to the entertainment industry.

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Brent Rogers

Director of Audio Production, Producer and Executive Producer

Brent's work is truly the foundation of PNWEG delivering industry standard recordings ready for market. He manages all aspects of the recording process by aligning studio, artist and team, applying the appropriate recording techniques and resources to then provide a finished product that exceeds all expectations.

Sharing a common theme found within the PNWEG partners, Brent left his position as a professional firefighter and paramedic in Dallas, Texas to pursue a music career as a performer and recording artist. A highly respected musician, singer and composer, Brent is a true professional on stage, off stage and in the studio where he has worked with a long list of top Northwest artists as well as a handful of well know world-class entertainers.

Brent has developed a very successful career as a recording engineer, vocalist and session musician. He has earned a reputation for helping inexperienced artists, singers, musicians, writers and performers move to higher levels of success via mentoring, producing, co-writing and performing in support roles.

Brent has equally earned a reputation in the post-production community as an audio and sound design specialist. He works with independent filmmakers, agencies, corporations and organizations as well as studios, production firms and directors around the world. Brent's overall experience brings great value to clients in many shapes and sizes.

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REX Production & Post

REX Production & Post is where the PACIFIC NORTHWEST ENTERTAINMENT GROUP calls home. A spacious fully equipped facility located in Portland Oregon REX brings a multitude of experience and capabilities to the group. REX studios and staff are a vital element to a self-contained business model designed for success.

Owner and GM Russ Gorsline with Business Manager and Producer Tara Krick play an equal role as part of the senior management team that is PNWEG.

REX which was founded in 1953 was purchased by Russ in 1972 and has since been a top choice for audio production and post-production in the NW.

REX has a 6200 square foot Jim Stoikoff designed facility housing two Russ Berger designed recording studios with a full compliment of microphones and audio gear utilizing ProTools HD, the industry standard for recording voice over, narration, ADR, music projects and video soundtracks.

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Our Mission

Many artists are working very hard performing and recording. The idea of PNWEG is to 'plug' into what they are doing and develop their unique talents to the next logical level. PNW realizes that every artist is different and requires individual attention to all the aspects of their musical career. With this in mind, PNW acts like a small boutique management / record label consulting and guiding the artist to realize their vision, not just locally but globally.

The music business has changed over the last 20 years. Major record labels are unable to effectively develop artists as they did in the past. Their rosters are huge as well as their overhead. Consequently, there's a void created where small companies of professional music business people are able to provide that all important nurturing. PNW has the talent and experience to do that all important work - ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.