Company Vision - Tony Furguson

The PACIFIC NORTHWEST ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (PNWEG) was formed in 2012 by Scott Stimpson, Tony Ferguson, Brent Rogers along with Russ Gorsline and Tara Kick of REX PRODUCTION & POST in Portland Oregon. The idea of the company is to discover and develop young talented artists and using the combined talents within the company to record, produce and assist with touring, marketing and promotion.

Many artists are working very hard performing and recording. The idea of PNWEG is to 'plug' into what they are doing and develop their unique talents to the next logical level. PNW realizes that every artist is different and requires individual attention to all the aspects of their musical career. With this in mind, PNWEG acts like a small boutique management / record label consulting and guiding the artist to realize their vision, not just locally but globally.

The music business has changed over the last 20 years. Major record labels are unable to effectively develop artists as they did in the past. Their rosters are huge as well as their overhead. Consequently, there's a void created where small companies of professional music business people are able to provide that all important nurturing. PNWEG has the talent and experience to do that all important work - ARTIST DEVELOPMENT.